Wednesday, June 12, 2024

2024 Beginning of Year Crew Decisions


Here are the crew decisions:

(just remember you guys are all amazing and I love you all <3)

Major Crews:

Tech Crew: 

  • Student Technical Directors: Mia Cavero and Jay Pino

  • Assistant Technical Director: Hannah Levine and Nina Caiazzo

  • Master Carpenter: Sophie Kovoros and Nicole Markowitz

  • Pit Supervisor: Dylan Glaser and Harry Jerozal

  • ACC: Jackson Amiruddin and Sebastian Soils

  • Shop Foreman: Sam Logvin and Carina Onesto

  • Carpenter: Dana Vaglio and Leila Staton

  • Apprentice: Tess Curcio, Kaiden D, Panagiotis Margaronis, Elizabeth Ramos

Lighting and Sound Crew:

  • Sound Engineer: Daniella Knigin

  • Master Electrician: Nate Botta

  • CC’s: Keira Barraco and Giovanna Weinschreider

  • ACC: Caleigh McAteer

  • Apprentice: Leila Staton

Costumes Crew:

  • Head of Costumes: Erica Brown

  • Head Wardrobe Manager: Nattie Martin

  • ACC’s: Haylie Medina and Morgan Milovich

Props Crew:

  • Head of Props: Amelia Raspanti

  • CC’s: Ameira Cave, Kimberly Turcios, Cadence Albanese

  • ACC’s: Jack Messinger, Maddy Petry, Brooke Thatcher, Addison Kelson

  • Member: Paris Milito, Elizabeth Ramos, Isabella Verderosa

  • Apprentice: Sophia Centanni, Laura Glazer, Melecia Bartow

Paint Crew:

  • Head of Paint: Veronika Weredyk

  • Scenic Charge Artist: Julia Tabor

  • CC’s: Justin Lapidus and Sadie Mora

  • Scenic Artists: Kara Dobbs and Holly Henrickson

  • ACC’s: Lucia Weinschreider, Haylie Medina, Sophia Fascinella, Aaron Kaplan

  • Painter’s: Jake Schwartz, Adeline Chaffey, Dana Vaglio

  • Members: Tess Curcio and Jackson Amiruddin

  • Apprentices: Melecia Bartow and Laura Glazer

Minor Crews:

Video Crew:

  • Head of Video: Jay Pino

  • ACC: Morgan Milovich and Tess Curcio

  • Members: Erica Brown and Giovanna Weinschreider

Programs Crew:

  • Head of Programs: Aaron Kaplan and John Odell

  • CC: Nate Botta and Hannah Levine 

  • ACC’s: Maddy Petry and Paris Milito

  • Apprentices: Sophia Centanni, Melecia Bartow, Jack Messinger, Panagiotis Margaronis

House Crew:

  • Head of House (Box - Office and Tickets): Addison Kelson

  • Head of House (Ushers): Sadie Mora

  • CC’s: Morgan Milovich (Tickets) and Dana Vaglio (Ushers)

  • ACC’s: Nicole Markowitz, Sophie Kovoros, Brooke Thatcher

Hair and Make-Up Crew:

  • Head of Make-Up of Hair: Giovanna Weinschreider and Cadence Albanese

  • CC: Hannah Levine and Nicole Markowitz

  • ACC: Paris Milito and Erica Brown

  • Member: Dana Vaglio, Lucia Weinschreider, Haylie Medina, Jack Messinger

Bake Sale Crew:

  • Head of Bake Sale: Giovanna Weinschreider

  • CC: Nate Botta

  • ACC: Aaron Kaplan

  • Member: Paris Milito

  • Apprentice: Harry Jerozal

Publicity Crew:

  • Head of Publicity: Hannah Levine

  • CC: Holly Henrickson and Veronika Weredyk

  • Showcase: Sophia Fascinella and Sophie Kovoros

  • ACC: Kara Dobbs

  • Member: Nicole Markowitz, Leila Staton, Dana Vaglio

Monday, May 27, 2024

Week of 5/28

 Hello beautiful people :)) I hope you've all had a lovely memorial break and had so much fun, and rest!! You all deserve it! Be weary this week will be very busy and lots of work has to go into four days! We have our last event (otc wise) of the school year!! Let's make it great:DD I know you all are going to do great! 

Also... this is my last schedule posting! I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you again for being the wonderful, brilliant, talented, good people you all are! Being president has been such a joy, and it is thanks to you all! I love you all from the bottom of my heart and am so excited to see the amazing things you all will do... but from the sidelines cheering with the greatest pride in my heart<3 Muah!!


Rob is coming in to work with full cast for senior projects at 2:35!!

Mandatory meeting for senior directors at 2:15

Senior Projects Rehearsal at 7:00


There may be senior projects after school but NOT in auditorium, due to senior awards that night. Therefore all one acts must rehearse in other locations at 2:35


Senior Projects rehearse at 2:35 AND 7:00


Senior Projects rehearse at 2:35 

Dress Rehearsal/Run Through at 7:00 if possible, otherwise just rehearsal


Run-Through at 11:00 am

50th Anniversary Dinner at 4:30

Senior Projects perform at 7:30 !!

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Week of 5/20

Congratulations on an extremely successful run of our final show of the season!! You all worked beautifully and I am so proud of each and every one of you <33

 MONDAY 5/20

9th Graders- your Shakespeare auditions are in the Drama Room after school!

Officer Elections at 2:35!

Only thespians can vote/run! If you are becoming a thespian on Thursday, you can still come and vote. Additionally you must hear all candidate's speeches to vote for those positions. Please expect the elections to run till 5/6.


Senior One Act Rehearsals at 7!! Full cast is called :)

Help after school for alumni!


Senior One Act Rehearsals till 5:00

Good luck to the On Tour Members in the choir concert!!


Senior One Act Rehearsals

THESPIAN DINNER AT 7 WOO WOO!! look at the invitations for more info!


Senior One Acts/Bambino Scholarship Dinner 6/1

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Week of 5/13

 Hello my beautiful people :) it is officially the last hell/tech week of the 2023-2024 school year! Here are the rules for tech NIGHT attendance, if you are participating in APs you are excused for the night/s before (study as much as needed please! We understand academics come first <3) And if you need time to rest after, we understand that too! HOWEVER!!! We have a lot to get done. So, underclassmen with little to none APs please try your best to show up! This is the senior's final show and Mr.Salerno's last show as the official director of On Tour, let's make them all proud! This is a very special show and let's make it the best ever! Do not forget to drink water, eat all three meals (and more!), and take care of yourselves!! Love you all SO much. 


  • Officer Informational Meeting at 2:35
  • Crucible Rehearsal at 3:00: ACT 1 RUN THROUGH (FULL CAST)
  • Seniors don't forget the prom meeting at 7<3
  • Tech at 2:35 
  • Tech Night at 7:00


  • Tech at 2:35 
  • Tech Night at 7:00
  • Crucible Rehearsal: ACT 2 RUN THROUGH (FULL CAST)


  • Tech at 2:35 
  • Tech Night at 7:00
  • Crucible Rehearsal at 2:35: Act 1 Scene 2
  • Crucible Rehearsal at 4:15 Court Scene (FULL CAST!)


  • Tech at 2:35 
  • Tech Night at 7:00
  • Crucible Rehearsal at 2:35: Any Problem Scenes before Dress
  • Crucible Dress (WITH ALL RUNNING CREW!!) at 7



Call Times TBA but crew is called at 5:00


  • Thespian Inductions at 10:00 AM, all thespians being inducted this year must answer one question from the packet Mia sent out or complete a dare. If you cannot make it, please message me ASAP.
  • Crucible Matinee at 2:30
  • Crucible Final Show (Senior's Last On Tour Show) at 7:00
  • Call Times TBA

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Week of 5/6

 HELLOOO beautiful people :)) Good luck to anyone participating in APs this week and next!! Please remember to take time and give yourself MANY breaks! I know all of you are working extra hard and focusing on your academics, so please remember to not work yourself too hard <3 Additionally, if you have any conflicts with APs and tech we understand fully! So the mandatory tech for crucible is MUCH more lenient due to the chaos of APs. Lastly, don't forget you all are such brilliant and beautiful people. No matter how you feel this week, you are strong and are capable of amazing things!! Love you all :)

ALSO! For senior one acts, your senior directors have a master doc with their slot availabilities for rehearsing. They will deal with rehearsal schedules separately, that will not be posted on officer blog/google classroom. Your director will tell you themselves when/where you rehearse.


Full Cast is called !!!

  • Crucible Rehearsal at 2:35: beginning and ending narration + pages 81-86
Called: lana guber, carina onesto, addi kelson, maddy petry, ava leo, holly henrickson, tess curcio, lexi beller, amelia rasponti, elizabeth ramos, ace rosensweig, jayna burke, caleigh mcateer,  ariella bloch, bri okolie, jake shwartz, jackson ammirudin, dylan glasier, shane ward, justin lapidus, aaron kaplan, jordan pierson, jack messinger, brooke thatcher


  • Crucible Rehearsal at 4:15: page 38- hale's entrance
Called: Joe clement, maggie dippel, jackie dobbs 


  • Crucible Rehearsal at 2:35: 86- end of the show
Called: joe clement, maggie dippel, shane ward, jack messinger, justin lapidus, gabby vallerugo, jordan pierson, jake shwartz, jackson ammirudin 


  • Crucible Rehearsal at 4:15: 46- end of scene
Called: maggie dippel, joe clement, jack messinger, nate botta, harry jerozal, aaron kaplan, jackson ammirudin, jake shwartz, jackie dobbs 

FRIDAY 5/10 (Beginning of Hell Week!!)

  • Crucible Rehearsal at 2:35:pages 11-37 and prologue
Called: FULL CAST   


  • Senior One Act Rehearsals from 11-3
  • Tech Day From 11-3

Crucible Show Dates: May 17th and 18th
    • Thespian Dinner (BUY YOUR TICKETS!! you won't wanna miss it): May 23rd 7-11
    • The Initiation Ceremony for thespians at 10 am at May 18th
    • Elections: May 20th
    • 9th Grade Fourth Period Marking Assignment Project Due: May 20th
    • 10th and 11th grade Fourth Period Marking Assignment Projects Due: May 21st
    • 50th Anniversary Dinner and Senior One Acts: June 1st

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Week of 5/1

Hello my loves!! It is officially time for aps and almost all seniors are committed to college! The end of the year is coming up so let's go with a grand exit! Just a reminder that underclassmen are stepping up while the seniors are supervising <3 this has been a gorgeous year so far let's keep being amazing :D

  • TECH at 7:30: Lighting, Props, furniture(tech), and showcase will be working
  • Booster Meeting at 7:30
  • Crucible Rehearsal: Narration + Run Through Scene 1 and 2

    Called: Maggie Dippel, Jake Shwartz, Jackson A, Dylan Levinter, Meg Eisenstein, Jack messinger, Alex Radinksi, Joe Clement, Evan Leicht, Nate Botta, Bri Okolie, Gabby Vallerugo, Dani Lawrence, Jackie Dobbs, Jordan Pierson, Hannah Levine, WHOLE FEMALE ENSEMBLE (narrators too!)


  • Tech During Pulse at 2:35 : All crews minus paint
  • Crucible Rehearsal: 
    Tech: 2:15
  • 4:15 (during pulse)
    Rehearsal at 4:20: Pages 77-101

Called: Joe Clement, Maggie Dippel, Nate Botta, Jackson Amirrudin, Jake Schwartz, Jack Messinger, Shane Ward, Jordan Pierson(conflict), Aaron Kaplan(conflict), Evan Leight, Jaclyn Dobbs, Justin Lapidus, Lexi Blum, Harry Jerozal


  • TECH NIGHT!! at 7:00 and ALL CREWS are working
  • Crucible Rehearsal: 
    Rehearsal at 2:30: Pages 102- 120

Called: Shane Ward, Jaclyn Dobbs, Aaron Kaplan, Meg Eisenstein, Danielle Lawrence, Jackson Amirrudin, Jake Schwartz, Harry Jerozal, Justin Lapidus, Jordan Pierson, Joe Clement, Jack Messinger, Hannah Levine


  • Senior One Act Rehearsal 

Rehearsal with Rob Time TBA most likely 10:30/11


  • Crucible Show Dates: May 17th and 18th
  • Thespian Dinner (BUY YOUR TICKETS!! you won't wanna miss it): May 23rd 7-11
  • The Initiation Ceremony for thespians at 10 am at May 18th
  • Elections: May 20th
  • 9th Grade Fourth Period Marking Assignment Project Due: May 20th
  • 10th and 11th grade Fourth Period Marking Assignment Projects Due: May 21st
  • 50th Anniversary Dinner and Senior One Acts: June 1st

Monday, April 15, 2024

Week of 4/15

 One more week till an ten day break my loves!! Let's push through <3


  • DURING ROCK BAND (2:30- 3:30/4ish)

Crucible pages 45-52

Called: Joe Clement, Maggie Dippel, Jack Messinger, Nate Botta, Harry Jerozal, Aaron Kaplan, Evan Leicht, and Jake Shwartz

  • AFTER ROCK BAND (4/4:25 - 6 prob)
Crucible Pages 52-57
Called: Joe Clement, Maggie Dippel, Jack Messinger, Nate Botta, Jackie Dobbs, Jake Shwartz, , Harry Jerozal, Evan Leicht, Aaron Kaplan

  • Crucible pages 58-69

Called: Justin Lapidus, Lexi Blum, Shane Ward, Nate Botta, Jackson Ammarudin, Harry Jerozal , Joe Clement, Jack Messinger, Jackie Dobbs, Aaron Kaplan, Jordan Pierson


  • Crucible Pages 70-80, at 3:30

Meg Eisenstein, Shane Ward, Jackie Dobbs, Joe Clement, Aaron Kaplan, Justin Lapidus, Jack Messinger, Dani Lawrence, Hannah Levine , Jackson Ammarudin, Jake Shwartz, Harry Jerozal, Maggie Dippel, Alex Radinsky, Lexi Beller, Jayna Burke, Ace Rosensweig, Brooke Thatcher, Elizabeth Ramos,Amelia Raspanti, Tess Curcio, Aca Leo, Holly Henrickson


  • Tech during pulse!! 2:35- 4:15 (or longer!) All crews are working
  • Crucible Pages 80-88 AFTER PULSE
Ariella Bloch, Jackson Ammarudin, Jake Shwartz, bright Okolie, Dylan Glaser, Shane Ward, Aaron Kaplan, Jordan Pierson, Justin Lapidus, Jack Messinger, Maggie Dippel


  • Crucible Run Through Scene 1, Pages 13-36 and narration
Bri Okolie, Jordan Pierson, Meg Eisenstein, Hannah Levine, Evan leicht, Dylan Levinter, Dani Lawrence, Jackie Dobbs, Alex Radinksy. Joe Clement, Gabby Vallerugo, Nate Botta, Jack Messinger

2024 Beginning of Year Crew Decisions

HEY GUYS! IT'S JAY PINO'S FIRST BLOG POST! Here are the crew decisions: (just remember you guys are all amazing and I love you all &...