Monday, April 15, 2024

Week of 4/15

 One more week till an ten day break my loves!! Let's push through <3


  • DURING ROCK BAND (2:30- 3:30/4ish)

Crucible pages 45-52

Called: Joe Clement, Maggie Dippel, Jack Messinger, Nate Botta, Harry Jerozal, Aaron Kaplan, Evan Leicht, and Jake Shwartz

  • AFTER ROCK BAND (4/4:25 - 6 prob)
Crucible Pages 52-57
Called: Joe Clement, Maggie Dippel, Jack Messinger, Nate Botta, Jackie Dobbs, Jake Shwartz, , Harry Jerozal, Evan Leicht, Aaron Kaplan

  • Crucible pages 58-69

Called: Justin Lapidus, Lexi Blum, Shane Ward, Nate Botta, Jackson Ammarudin, Harry Jerozal , Joe Clement, Jack Messinger, Jackie Dobbs, Aaron Kaplan, Jordan Pierson


  • Crucible Pages 70-80, at 3:30

Meg Eisenstein, Shane Ward, Jackie Dobbs, Joe Clement, Aaron Kaplan, Justin Lapidus, Jack Messinger, Dani Lawrence, Hannah Levine , Jackson Ammarudin, Jake Shwartz, Harry Jerozal, Maggie Dippel, Alex Radinsky, Lexi Beller, Jayna Burke, Ace Rosensweig, Brooke Thatcher, Elizabeth Ramos,Amelia Raspanti, Tess Curcio, Aca Leo, Holly Henrickson


  • Tech during pulse!! 2:35- 4:15 (or longer!) All crews are working
  • Crucible Pages 80-88 AFTER PULSE
Ariella Bloch, Jackson Ammarudin, Jake Shwartz, bright Okolie, Dylan Glaser, Shane Ward, Aaron Kaplan, Jordan Pierson, Justin Lapidus, Jack Messinger, Maggie Dippel


  • Crucible Run Through Scene 1, Pages 13-36 and narration
Bri Okolie, Jordan Pierson, Meg Eisenstein, Hannah Levine, Evan leicht, Dylan Levinter, Dani Lawrence, Jackie Dobbs, Alex Radinksy. Joe Clement, Gabby Vallerugo, Nate Botta, Jack Messinger

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