Sunday, May 19, 2024

Week of 5/20

Congratulations on an extremely successful run of our final show of the season!! You all worked beautifully and I am so proud of each and every one of you <33

 MONDAY 5/20

9th Graders- your Shakespeare auditions are in the Drama Room after school!

Officer Elections at 2:35!

Only thespians can vote/run! If you are becoming a thespian on Thursday, you can still come and vote. Additionally you must hear all candidate's speeches to vote for those positions. Please expect the elections to run till 5/6.


Senior One Act Rehearsals at 7!! Full cast is called :)

Help after school for alumni!


Senior One Act Rehearsals till 5:00

Good luck to the On Tour Members in the choir concert!!


Senior One Act Rehearsals

THESPIAN DINNER AT 7 WOO WOO!! look at the invitations for more info!


Senior One Acts/Bambino Scholarship Dinner 6/1

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