Monday, May 27, 2024

Week of 5/28

 Hello beautiful people :)) I hope you've all had a lovely memorial break and had so much fun, and rest!! You all deserve it! Be weary this week will be very busy and lots of work has to go into four days! We have our last event (otc wise) of the school year!! Let's make it great:DD I know you all are going to do great! 

Also... this is my last schedule posting! I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you again for being the wonderful, brilliant, talented, good people you all are! Being president has been such a joy, and it is thanks to you all! I love you all from the bottom of my heart and am so excited to see the amazing things you all will do... but from the sidelines cheering with the greatest pride in my heart<3 Muah!!


Rob is coming in to work with full cast for senior projects at 2:35!!

Mandatory meeting for senior directors at 2:15

Senior Projects Rehearsal at 7:00


There may be senior projects after school but NOT in auditorium, due to senior awards that night. Therefore all one acts must rehearse in other locations at 2:35


Senior Projects rehearse at 2:35 AND 7:00


Senior Projects rehearse at 2:35 

Dress Rehearsal/Run Through at 7:00 if possible, otherwise just rehearsal


Run-Through at 11:00 am

50th Anniversary Dinner at 4:30

Senior Projects perform at 7:30 !!

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