Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Spirit Week Themes for The Winter's Tale

 MONDAY 10/23

90s Wear!! Dress up as if you are going to sheepalooza (without the sheep!) Stevie Knicks is a great inso


Dress up as a bear! If you have any fuzzy, winter clothing :) Preferably brown or black. If you get overheated easily, then just brown or black clothing. Maybe even white for polar bears!


Floral clothing for Perdita! Wear as many flowers as you can ⁕


Crew Colors! Dress up with your crew colors, freshman may pick your favorite crew (we won't be offended don't worry<3)

Props- Yellow

Paint- Pink

Lighting- Black

Costumes- Maroon

Tech- Green

Bake Sale- Stripes

House- Blue


Publicity-  Orange

Hair and Make Up- Purple

Video- Gold 

FRIDAY 10/27

On Tour Merchandise, wear any on tour merchandise from any year :)

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