Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Week of 5/1

Hello my loves!! It is officially time for aps and almost all seniors are committed to college! The end of the year is coming up so let's go with a grand exit! Just a reminder that underclassmen are stepping up while the seniors are supervising <3 this has been a gorgeous year so far let's keep being amazing :D

  • TECH at 7:30: Lighting, Props, furniture(tech), and showcase will be working
  • Booster Meeting at 7:30
  • Crucible Rehearsal: Narration + Run Through Scene 1 and 2

    Called: Maggie Dippel, Jake Shwartz, Jackson A, Dylan Levinter, Meg Eisenstein, Jack messinger, Alex Radinksi, Joe Clement, Evan Leicht, Nate Botta, Bri Okolie, Gabby Vallerugo, Dani Lawrence, Jackie Dobbs, Jordan Pierson, Hannah Levine, WHOLE FEMALE ENSEMBLE (narrators too!)


  • Tech During Pulse at 2:35 : All crews minus paint
  • Crucible Rehearsal: 
    Tech: 2:15
  • 4:15 (during pulse)
    Rehearsal at 4:20: Pages 77-101

Called: Joe Clement, Maggie Dippel, Nate Botta, Jackson Amirrudin, Jake Schwartz, Jack Messinger, Shane Ward, Jordan Pierson(conflict), Aaron Kaplan(conflict), Evan Leight, Jaclyn Dobbs, Justin Lapidus, Lexi Blum, Harry Jerozal


  • TECH NIGHT!! at 7:00 and ALL CREWS are working
  • Crucible Rehearsal: 
    Rehearsal at 2:30: Pages 102- 120

Called: Shane Ward, Jaclyn Dobbs, Aaron Kaplan, Meg Eisenstein, Danielle Lawrence, Jackson Amirrudin, Jake Schwartz, Harry Jerozal, Justin Lapidus, Jordan Pierson, Joe Clement, Jack Messinger, Hannah Levine


  • Senior One Act Rehearsal 

Rehearsal with Rob Time TBA most likely 10:30/11


  • Crucible Show Dates: May 17th and 18th
  • Thespian Dinner (BUY YOUR TICKETS!! you won't wanna miss it): May 23rd 7-11
  • The Initiation Ceremony for thespians at 10 am at May 18th
  • Elections: May 20th
  • 9th Grade Fourth Period Marking Assignment Project Due: May 20th
  • 10th and 11th grade Fourth Period Marking Assignment Projects Due: May 21st
  • 50th Anniversary Dinner and Senior One Acts: June 1st

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