Monday, October 9, 2023

Week of 10/9

 TUESDAY 10/10

Opening Up Rehearsal at 2:15 SHARP

Winter's Tale Rehearsal at 3:15, Scene 3.3

Shane Ward, Jaclyn Dobbs, Alex Radinsky, Joe Clement, Dylan Levinter,Justin Lapidus, Nate Botta, Jordan Ovalle, Aaron Kaplan, Samuel Logvin

Tech After School!

Crew Chief Meeting at 2:15

Rehearsal AT 4, Scenes 2.1 and 1.2

Shane Ward, Jaclyn Dobbs, Alex Radinksy, Justin Lapidus, Dylan Levinter, Holly Henrickson, Booke Thatcher, Lana Guber, Jordan Ovalle, Nate Botta, Aaron Kaplan, Samuel Logvin 

Booster Meeting (GET IMPROV SHIRTS HERE) at 7!

Tech after school, focus is the stage! Alex will be here :) 

Tech night at 7!!


Rehearsal at 4:15 Scene 5.3

Full Cast

MANDATORY Tech after school!

FRIDAY 10/13 👻

Rehearsal at 2:35, finishing 4.4

Full Cast

Tech Night at 7 and after school

Server training alert school, or at tech TBA


 Tech Day from 11am to 3pm! (Set up Little Theatre and lighting for Improv)

IMPROV WOO! Improv night at 7, if you are involved get to the school by 6!

SUNDAY 10/15

Pancake Breakfast at IDC from 10 to 12


Merrick Fair 10/21

Winter Tale's Opening 10/27

Halloweenfest (SIGN UP!!) at 2:30 10/28

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