Thursday, September 28, 2023

Thespian Checks DUE

The following is an EXTREMELY important message so please read carefully!

Due to the pandemic, many students inducted into the thespian society did not pay their thespian dues. For us to make everyone an official thespian, they will need to make out a check in the amount of $35 payable to Calhoun High School On Tour Company. The current members of the company who need to hand in a check, to be formally inducted into the thespian society are: 

Daniella Knigin 
Hannah Levine 
Jack Messinger 
Amelia Raspanti 
Veronika Weredyk 
Nate Botta 
Justin Lapidus 
Jay Pino
Ariella Bloch 
Joseph Clement 
Noelle McIntosh 
Karen Oladipo 
Jay Sarju 
Lexi Beller 
Lexi Blum 
Jayna Burke 
Maggie Dippel
Jaclyn Dobbs 
Meg Eisenstein 
Lana Guber 
Dylan Levinter 
Gabriella Logvin 
Jordan Ovalle 
Alex Radinsky 
Savannah Radisch 
Gabriella Vallerugo

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